Social researcher, user-centered designer strategist, documentary photographer, anthropologist, observer, children's photography teacher, public health practitioner, multimedia project manager, paleo baker, cyclist, gut-biome investigator, world traveler, and mama of two. 

I earned my undergraduate degree from Oberlin College focused on post-colonialism, cultural anthropology and media theory; a Masters in International Affairs from The New School for Social Research; and a Masters in Social Design from MICA.

While the past 15 years have been dedicated to international public health communications  - working with MSF, UNICEF, UNDP, Johns Hopkins, USAID to foster improved health and health systems in lowest income countries - I have focused this past year on going back to roots in anthropology and ethnography to grow my expertise as a user-centered design strategist. I supported 10 venture capital startups as a Fellow at the Johns Hopkins Social Innovations Lab, provided design research and training at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management Human Centered Design Lab, and served as a design research consultant on projects with the Baltimore City Health Department's Innovations Team. 

From my time leading children's photography workshops with UNICEF, and a pilot I started in 2019 in Baltimore at a local public charter school, I also re-found my love of teaching photography to young children. I pitched the concept of Photo Story Workshop during MICA's UP/Start Venture competition and won capital funding to launch as an LLC. COVID has put in-person workshops on hold for the moment but we plan to resume programs for city kids summer 2021.

So while 2020 has been awash with a global pandemic, I am focused on continuing to grow and help raise each other up.